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Bronycon Day#1

Okie-dokie, gonna put it all under a cut since it might get long. Here we goooooo~!

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I’m getting the sudden feeling that ths whole thing is just going to be really depressing…

I was so stinkin’ wrong last night.

I’m gonna write up a little journal entry about today after I take a shower. Stay posted, dudes. ;3

ask-princess-hailee: I saw those paper craft things last year. I asked for a quote after the con was over and they said the cheapest they do is something like $60.

Yeah, Cadance was $60. I had Neros run over to the stall right after the vending hall opened because a bunch of people went running by. There was a line at her spot because she had only 20 limited edition Luna shadow boxes. And it was a good thing I sent him too considering that all her other Cadance’s got messed up somehow!!

Every convention I go to, I tell myself I can get one thing. This is my one thing, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I know to some people it’s just a pony but to me it represents so much skill and time. This was the only one the creator had as well since something went wrong with the others. I’m going to see if she can sign it tomorrow for me.
It’s VERY glittery in person.
#mlp #princesscadence #bronycon

I drew the Shmooze!! And I love it!! #mlp #bronycon

One of my favorite commissions so far! This has been really fun!! #bronycon

First commission! #bronycon

Table is all set!!! Let’s sell EVERYTHING!!!
*husband not for sale

I took a similar photo last year, and I’m even at the same restaurant! This year, I’m a vendor though. Kind of a big deal to me. #bronycon